Image by Kate Rossin for Made in the Middle 

Using intricately sculptured textiles, Hayley harnesses the narrative potential of wearable art to explore elation, expression and empathy; to tell a tale, encourage escapism and fan flames of the fantastical. Her undercurrent of self-questioning and emotional openness touches our need to be at one with ourselves, to find our place, to connect, to create, to feel free.  

Hayley is currently a lecturer in Costume Design & Making at Nottingham Trent University and runs creative workshops with people of various ages. She is an experienced costume designer,  supervisor and maker, available for freelance projects.

As a lecturer in the arts, Hayley’s research aims are to explore sustainable practice within the arts and arts education, both from an environmental perspective and exploring creative practice as an essential tool in sustaining ones well-being. Aiming to develop collaborative projects that would challenge this trend, making real improvements to the way we live and the way we create and exploring material, clothing and self-curation as a means to connect and communicate.

Hayley has a studio at Backlit in Nottingham, available by appointment to see work or discuss commissions or projects, please email

Freeformity was previously Hayley Beckley Ltd.  


Hayley is very talented, creative and a great problem solver. In project work she is passionate, engaging and empowers those she works with. She has great drive and adapts imaginatively to changing situations.
— Emma Daker, Exhibitions and Project Development Manager at Craftspace