'Let Go Your Attachments' is a series of pieces that explore mental health, behavioural quirks and the rituals that help one navigate through life. 

Each piece in this collection represents a habit, preference or peculiarity that endures and in my life – an attachment that I cannot let go. The Worst of Things describes my aversion to certain textures, to misalignment and to loneliness. Count Me Well references my ‘happy’ numbers – habitual counting and finding comfort in particular numbers. Anarchy in the Cutlery Drawer is a reference to a personal ritual, a sort of personal in-joke, that helps me to cope with things out of their regular place.

The pieces are designed to become a wearable catharsis of what could be perceived as a fault or issue. A means of taking ownership of all sides of your personality and being comfortable with exactly who you are. 

I hope to develop this project further, working with community groups and individuals to explore an idea of acceptance through making.